Are Skateboarding Shoes Necessary

The kind of shoe to wear while skateboarding depends on what you want out of a skate shoe and your physique and feet. Some people have a skinner or wider shoe than others. For example, Adidas skate shoes are not a good fit for people with too skinny feet.

So, find a skate shoe that fits you well. Skate shoes with springing or insoles are highly recommendable for dudes with wider feet. An ideal skate shoe should have a cushioned heel and a lot of support.

How Important are Shoes for Skateboarding?

You could wear any type of boot while skating. However, the point is that skate shoes are designed to help you skate better. Honestly, skate shoes do help. They are normally fitted with a grippy, flat, and extra-wide sole designed to hold the wearer onto the board better. Moon-style skate boots come with extra padding on the side to protect the foot of the wearer when doing technical tricks.

Classic skate boots, on the other hand, can improve how the wearer feels the board when doing technical tricks. It is a type of boot that can allow you to pull off any trick. The extra padding around the heel of most skate boots helps them to hold onto the feet. On the contrary, those with reinforced side panels can help with stability. Some skate shoes come with extra flaps to protect laces when skating.

Do Skateboard Shoes Make a Difference?

Yes. Unlike most running shoes that are designed for traction on dirty surfaces, skate shoes come with a flat bottom to provide an exceptional board feel. Skate shoes are also made of a durable material known as sued, which grips better than the ordinary shoe.

Skateboarding is a sport that can have a significant impact on your ankles and feet. And that’s why skateboarding shoes come with more support and padding for safety and comfort. Skateboards, unlike other shoes, have a unique shape around the toe area to help with board control.

Are Skateboarding Shoes Comfortable?

Virtually every skateboarding shoe is comfortable. However, there are some instances when uncomfortable experiences can pop up. The comfort of a skateboard depends on its style, stability, shape, and size. Skateboarding shoes sacrifice some features common in normal shoes to enhance the overall skating experience.


Skateboarding shoes are developed for skating. Well, contrary to belief, skateboarding boots are as popular as casual footwear. However, the trick is finding a skateboarding shoe that won’t suffocate your feet.

Are Skateboarding Shoes Slip Resistant?

The outside of skateboarding boots is made of rubber, which is more resistant to slip than other materials. A skate shoe can hardly slip even when it’s exposed to greasy or wet floors. Skate shoes can be used in the kitchen because of their excellent grip on slippery floors. Skate shoes provide excellent grip as far as skating is concerned. Skateboarders need grippier shoes, and that’s what the outside of a skate shoe provides.

Most people wear their skateboarding shoes to work due to their anti-slip properties. Besides being safe, skateboarding shoes also look trendy.

Skateboard shoes are also designed to support wearers all day long. Skateboarding shoes can withstand any pressure, but anything beyond five hours can put your feet in strain. So, before you wear a skateboarding boot to work, make sure that it is suitable for the nature of your work.

Many people think that it is the material fitted in skateboarding shoes that makes them so grippy. Others say it is the design, but experts attribute their anti-slip property to the combination of both. The simpler and flatter design of the outsole of skating shoes provides excellent protection against slippery surfaces.

Are Skate Shoes Good for Walking?

Generally, there is no significant difference between your normal walking shoes and skate shoes. But for athletes and skaters, both shoes serve a different purpose. For example, not everyone can be comfortable walking with skate shoes for long distances.

Skateboarding shoes have a flat sole that is meant for continuous thumping. Though the inside of a skate shoe is nicely padded, these shoes aren’t ideal for running or walking.

Are Skate Shoes Necessary?

Skate shoes are technically not necessary. However, the point is that these shoes are designed to help runners and athletes skate better. Their design helps with stability and comfort while skating. They come with an extra-wide, flat, and grippy sole that helps your feet to hold onto the board better. You don’t need skate shoes to skate, but if you can afford a pair, kindly go for it.

Don’t let skate shoes hold you back from skateboarding if you can’t afford a pair of boot. Just wear any flat footwear and get out and have fun. Skate shoes are designed for skateboarders and may not provide much protection or comfort for running, walking, or any other sport. They don’t provide cushioning, and support like normal walking shoes do. Skate shoes are not as flexible as normal walking shoes, so they can’t be worn every day.

Normal shoes and skate shoes come with a different design to serve different purposes. Some people can skate with any shoe as long as their feet fit in, and still land perfect tricks. However, there is a reason why skateboarding shoes were designed. They were meant for better enjoyment and protection.

It might be difficult to make a jump or Ollie while skateboarding with a normal footwear. It is also unsafe to skateboard with any other footwear. The thicker soles of skateboarding shoes are designed to prevent injury.

Skateboarding shoes are designed to protect skateboarders from high impact or hard landings on their feet. They are also more durable than normal shoes. Skateboarding shoes hardly wear out regardless of the conditions they are exposed to.

The friction that occurs between the board and grip tape when a skater is trying to perform different tricks can cause wear and tear. So, normal shoes are likely to wear out if you try to perform tricks with them.

They can also cause serious scratch and injuries. That’s why every skateboarder needs a skateboarding shoe instead of just sneakers or normal shoes.

Why are Skate Shoes Flat?

Skateboarding shoes usually have a flat bottom that provides a skateboarder more prominent board feel. The extra padding on a skateboarding shoe provides stability and maximum comfort during those complex tricks. Their flat sole helps distribute weight across the board for stability and balance. A flat sole also provides maximum surface area for your feet to grip. That means your feet can hardly slide unless you want them to.

How are Skateboarding Shoes Called?

Skate shoes are the latest evolution in the footwear landscape. Chucks or Converse All-Stars were the first shoes to be used for skateboarding. They began as boys basketball shoes, and in the 50’s they became streetwear. Canvas re-emerged in the ’60s as skateboard shoes.

Skate shoes were initially made for skateboarders. In the ’80s, canvas dominated the youth culture until the introduction of unique skateboarding shoes in schools. Over time, skateboarding became mainstream, making skate shoes dominate youth footwear.

However, they are now made for anyone that wants to show that he or she can roll on a piece of wood. Skate shoes are the most awesome shoes in the world. Skate shoes not only protect your feet but also make you comfortable while skateboarding.

The grip on skateboarding shoes is what makes them exceptional for sports. A pair of shoes without a good grip can restrict a skater from doing some tricks. Some of the popular skate shoes include element, fallen, Adido, Osiris, and Etnies.

Skateboarding Without Shoes

Skateboarding barefoot can give you more grips than skating with socks. Your feet will get a high level of control and won’t slide around in the boots. Skating barefoot can even prevent cramping. You may never skateboard with socks anymore once you try skateboarding barefoot.

Most people wear socks in their skateboarding shoes when skateboarding. After all, you wear socks in your other normal shoes, so why wouldn’t you when skateboarding.

However, sports such as ice hockey, roller, and ice speed skating are mostly done without socks.

Skateboarding with socks can add to your comfort because socks can minimize friction and absorb sweat. However, socks, on the other hand, can cause blisters, especially when there is a lot of movement in the shoe.

There are some pros and cons to consider when skateboarding barefoot. Skateboarding barefoot can improve your edge work and stops. Skateboarding barefoot can also prevent chafing and blistering.

Again, not sliding around will make your feet feel relaxed and give you more control and stability on the board.

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