Backstreet Atlas A Skateboarding Documentary


Backstreet Atlas is a short Skateboarding film, documentary about two friends Zach from Boston and Adam from New York who decide to Skateboard from one city to another. Along the way they make footage starting out at Boston and travelling all the way to New York.

Everything Adam and Zach used to create this Skateboarding Documentary they carried in their backpacks. They used to get donations to fund the trip.

Along the way they meet up with friends and friends of friends. They also film interactions with strangers.

The entire trip took ten days as they Skateboarded via New Jersey back-roads sometime pushing their boards for distances of 20 to 30 miles in a single day.

Quote from Zach Baker

The reason I love these trips, besides the fact that I get to skate new spots, see new places, grill, camp, and chill with my best friend for weeks at a time, is that they act to offset an ever-growing distance that we as a society have created between ourselves, our environments, and each other. In a very personal way, these films are a vehicle for engaging with all types of people, and the interactions with the places we pass through are tactile, intimate, and real. Really, the films are an extension of what drew us to skateboarding in the first place. They feel good to make, they are fun, they push us to challenge ourselves physically and creatively. But most importantly, I feel that every time we do this, in a minute way, we are acting to bridge some sort of gap between ourselves and the 7.4 billion individuals who surround us. At this point, Adam and I don’t really have a choice but to keep making these things. Having pushed through just a teensy strip of paved humanity only makes us want to get out there and soak in the whole damn thing. —Zach Baker


Quote from Adam Abada

In some way, the more you know about the world the more likely it is for you to make some kind of sense of it. Keeping things and people you love close is one sweet part of the pie, but expanding your understanding of yourself and others is the other delicious part. We decided to use one of the things we love the most—skateboarding—to learn more about the people, places and things we thought we knew and to make one sweet, delicious pie. And, you know what? We found out we know damn near shit. So I figure we’ll keep doing it, and keep learning more, and keep using the things and people we love the most to help each other make sense of it all. Give it a shot. You don’t have to skate to do it, but it’s fun as hell if you do. —Adam Abada

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