Can Skateboarding cause Arthritis


Skateboarding does not cause arthritis if done cautiously and not to extremes. Even among the sporting activity or the sports that could cause arthritis, skateboarding is not a priority.

Skateboarding can be fun and thrilling and it’s the reason children and adults alike love it.

However, it can sometimes cause serious foot and ankle injuries. When going skateboarding, it is advisable to use caution and wear protective gear to avoid these injuries, which range from minor bruises to open wounds to sprains and fractures. Post-traumatic arthritis, which is a condition where joints get destabilized, can occur as a result of injury and wear and tear from sports. However, sports can cause such conditions as sprains and knee injuries. Other conditions that could occur in sports and which could trigger arthritis are cartilage tears, fractures and dislocations.

Ligament injuries that damage the cartilage, fractures on bones that support joint cartilages, dislocations that injure the cartilages on the knee and direct injuries on the cartilages will cause arthritis.

Injuries on your muscles can occur because of the high impact caused when landing and during jumps and tricks in skateboarding although these are rare. Strain causing repetitive and forceful motions during skateboarding should also be avoided because they can cause heels and foot to pain. They can also cause plantar fasciitis, bone spurs, and Achilles tendonitis. The problem with forcing these motions and tricks that hurt is you will have to miss skateboarding for long as you undergo intensive therapies that take long to deal with these conditions.

Some people living with arthritis, because of the fatigue, pain, and stiffness, are scared that any physical exercise will damage their joints or worsen arthritis. The truth is that a good exercise routine can help arthritis. It helps manage your pain better, in addition to delivering the common benefits of exercising such as weight loss, increasing energy level and making you active, again.

Consider that gaining a lot of weight due to inactivity over time will put unnecessary pressure on your knees than would exercise.

For those asking can skateboarding cause arthritis or is skating bad for knees, it turns out that 6% of healthcare professionals will recommend skateboarding as a low-impact activity for those with arthritis. Other options include yoga, bowls, and pétanque and swimming.

Is Skateboarding good for Arthritis?

Roller skating is a preferable method for those who are suffering from chronic joint pain and want to exercise regularly. It is a much more preferable exercising method than running and jogging because it provides the same aerobic benefits without paining your joints. Research suggests that impact such as achieved in skateboarding can help the knees.

Not only does it engage different muscles in your body, but will burn a lot of calories according to the Roller Skating Association International. To understand how it could help burn calories, your body increases the heart rate to 148 beats per minute or more after skating for only 30 minutes. That would burn 530 calories in a 190 pounds male. Taking this to an hour skating session helps burn 1,060 calories in men and 909 in females. This depends on the weight and how vigorous you are doing the skating.

It is a good method of building muscles and muscle endurance because the entire core is engaged as you balance yourself with the legs and use the arms to gain momentum.

According to an article posted on DailyMail patients with pain symptoms on their knees were able to improve after wearing specially-designed skate shoes. Some patients even abandon plans to have surgery. The study reported that some patients who could not walk even for 200 yards (0.18 km) were able to later walk three or four miles after wearing these shoes for eight weeks. The research showed that training the muscles around the knee to work more efficiently, would help take the load off the joints, hence attaining these benefits.

Although this research involved specially-designed shoes where two large rubber spheres, the specially-designed shoes cause the same instability caused by using two-wheel roller skates. They force the person using them to use muscles they could not otherwise use. It proves that if skateboards can have the same impacts, then it can help people with arthritis.

Roller skating can also be a great way of getting out for exercise with kids and family, for those with arthritis. It is recommended to wear a helmet, wrist guards, elbow pads and knee pads just in case you fall.

With low-impact activities like skateboarding, you can grow stronger muscles by day, to support the joints. It is also suggested to start small, by learning how to align your joints before starting. Then you can keep the good alignment in the exercise. A range of motion can then help to mobilize the joints.

According to Everybody Health, exercising can reduce joint pain. It is also recommended for those with arthritis because it helps them to increase the strength of muscles around the joints. Exercising will also help them to maintain bone strength, in addition to making them more flexible. Besides, it is a great way to improve the quality of sleep and moods and to lower the risk of cardiovascular illness.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) suggests that regular activity will help. The suggestion is to pursue 130 to 150 minutes a week of moderate-intensity, low-impact aerobic activity.

Is Skateboarding bad for knees

The key to using skating to your advantage if you have arthritis is to learn how to avoid skateboarding knee pain and skateboarding knee injuries. The first thing is ensuring you cannot hurt your knees by falling on them. This can be avoided by first learning to fall on your hands and dive roll to avoid hurting the knees when you fall on them.

Plus your board is also likely to pop up and hit the knees when you mess tricks. If this happens, you can sit out until you feel like shredding and shred.

Although roller-skating is suggested for those with arthritis conditions, it is necessary to do it in the right way. Because each person may have their special issues, it is recommended to start by consulting the doctor on the best type of exercise that can help them and the range of motion within which he or she should stay safe.

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