How many Injuries are caused by Skateboarding

In this Article you will find out Skateboarding Statistically is one of the safest sports there is. However we cover the types of injuries Skateboarders get and how to prevent them.

Number of injuries caused by skateboarding

Due to the rise in popularity of skateboarding, there is an upward trend of numbers of injury record that relates to this game. Skateboarding is a beautiful game but has a significant history of injury among its athletes. Research in the United States shows that more than sixty thousand children are treated in hospitals yearly due to skateboarding related injuries. The standard type of injury that associates with skateboarding, according to the report, results from fracture and dislocation. In some cases, these injuries occur in the death of the victims due to skaters colliding with motor vehicles.

How many skateboard accidents happen a year?

The researchers examined data spanning two decades and found that more than 64,500 U.S. children and teens were treated in hospital emergency rooms each year — about 176 a day — for skateboarding-related injuries. Fractures and dislocations were among the most common injuries, the study indicated.

How to prevent Skateboarding injuries

Skateboard safety measures. Check your equipment

It is advisable to check your skateboard equipment before skating. You should check to make sure that your skateboard kits are effective. It is always advisable to skate with a piece of equipment whose parts are not lost, and it should be free of sharp edges. On top of that, you should check the surface on which you are skating to make sure that it’s not slippery and that your wheels are functional.

Guard yourself

It is always advisable to check your safety first. You have to wear protective equipment when skating that meet the certification of the Consumer Product Commission Standards. These protective attires range from wearing a proper multi-sport helmet, a close-toed shoe that is slip-resistant, wear up to standard knee pad, a pair of protective glasses, and elbow pads.

Proper practicing

Practice perfects one’s ability to do what he or she is interested in doing. I t is critical to learn the necessary skills and perfect in them. You must learn to fall to minimize the impact that comes along with it, thereby avoiding severe injuries. For example, you may learn to put your body in a relaxed mood instead of stiffening your body. I t is always important to remind yourself to fall on a soft spot like grass or a smooth surface.

Learn to follow safety reminders.

It is always advisable to obey the rules that regulate where one can skate. Avoid riding in the street and always remember to ride on the right side when riding in a multi-use zone. On top of that, always remember to remove your headphones during skateboarding to avoid losing concentration more so when skating in a skate park. In addition to hitching a ride is not advisable because a fatal accident that will at a larger scale effect you can occur.

Precautions to take when falling from a skateboard

In case of falling, it is advisable not to use your arm or hand to try breaking the fall. In your attempt to do so, you will end up injuring your elbows, your arm, your knees, and your hand. You can end up with a fatal injury. You can also try to minimize the impact of the fall by absorbing the impact of that fall by rolling into the fall, dispersing the impact throughout your body, resulting in a minor injury. In case you suspect that you have an injury after falling, it is always advisable to seek medical attention. The falling technique can minimize or prevent you from the common types of damages that are associated with skateboarding like fractures, a sprain or stretching ligament, joint dislocation, and soft tissue injuries.

How To Fall safely while Skateboarding

How safe is Skateboarding compared to other sports?

Is skateboarding high impact?

The sprung elements of the skateboard apparently provide significant shock attenuation when landing. When skaters are unable to land on their boards (BO condition) the impact forces are quite high even in comparison with other high impact activities such as parachute landings and gymnastics.Oct 12, 2010

Impact of skateboarding to the world

The 2020 Olympic management has accepted skateboarding to be officially one of the sports that will be amongst one of the many competitions during the Olympic Games period. This will make the game become known to almost every corner of the world, attracting more athletes and others who take skateboarding as fun. The sport is now becoming appealing to the world, making setting its pace as one of the favourites sports among young people. It is widely becoming popular with video gaming. The game is becoming appealing amongst young adults across the United States, European countries, and some parts of Africa, particularly in Ethiopia.

Skateboarding popularity among young people can be used as a platform to eradicate social evils in the society like racism. In addition to that, skateboarding can become a useful tool in eliminating the recruitment of young people by a terrorist organization in European nations and the United States. Skateboarding can also become a tool for raising health awareness among the masses of the world.

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