How to Assemble A Skateboard

There are loads of videos out there that tell you how to build up a skateboard, so we thought we’d do it slightly differently and do a written step-by-step guide.

Before you begin to build your board, you will need the following tools:

1) A Stanley knife or sharp blade

2) A skate tool

3) a metal file or other metallic hard-edged tool

If you don’t have a skate tool, then a spanner and pair of pliers should do the job.

You will need the following components to build the board up:

1) a deck

2) grip tape

3) trucks x 2

4) mounting hardware

5) wheels

6) bearings

7) spacers

Step 1:

The first step is to grip the skateboard deck. This is covered in another blog post on this site, so please check it out in the “Skateboard Tutorials” section.

Step 2:

You will need to make holes in the grip tape for the bolts that hold the trucks in place.  The easiest way to do this is to get a small screwdriver and push it through the truck holes.




Step 2:

Push the mounting bolts through the holes made by the screwdriver as seen below. By the way: you may get a set of bolts that have two or one bolts a different colour from the rest. This is not a mistake – you should use the differently coloured bolts on the front truck so that you can tell at a glance which is the front end of the board. But how do you know which end of the deck is the front? Generally speaking the front is the end with the biggest kicktail.


Step 3:

Attach the trucks onto the bolts. The trucks bushings (the circular rubber things) should be facing away from the nearest kicktail into the middle of the board (see image below):


Step 4:

Tighten the mounting bolts into place using your skate tool. Most mounting bolts have a allen key-type head and all skate tools have the correct size tool to fit this.


Step 5:

Once both trucks have been securely tightened, you are ready to put the wheels onto the trucks. To do this, put the deck on its side (see below) and unscrew the two trucks nuts facing you. Once you have taken the nut off, you will see two thin spheres of metal on the axle – these are called washers. Take one of them off and leave the other on in its place:


Step 6:

Take one of your eight bearings and place it onto the truck axle. Now force the wheel down onto the bearing until it fits snugly in to place:


Step 7:

Take the wheel off the axle and then place another bearing onto the axle. Then take one of the 4 spacers and place that on top of the bearing.  Then force the wheel back onto the axle with the bearing already in the wheel next to your palm. The bearings will now be correctly positioned in the wheel.

Step 8:

Place the second washer on to the axle:


Step 9:

Use your skate tool or spanner to tighten the nut onto the axle. Tighten the nut until you feel it touch the bearing and then twist back a quarter of a turn so that the wheel isn’t on too tight.


Step 10:

Repeat on all four wheels, and voila – your board is ready to rip!

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