How to choose the best Skateboard trucks

Skateboard trucks often don’t seem like a major part of the overall board to amateurs. However, factors such as type and size are some of the essential things every skater should consider to enhance a better skating experience. These are the axle that attaches the wheels to the part that skater stands on, also called the deck.

The kind of skateboard also plays a vital role in the ease of steering the skateboard, or the way a skater perform some tricks. Read on to learn essential things that you should keep in mind looking for the best skateboard trucks.

A skateboard is essentially a sum of its parts. If you are looking to have a good skateboard, you’ll want to each component and especially skateboard truck to be of high quality. In a nutshell, the trucks are the metal components that provide axles of the skateboard.

The trucks play a significant role in how it turns and how the board feels and responds to the skater. It should also be sized correctly with the skateboard deck to allow the outer edge of the wheels to align perfectly with the outer edge of the deck.

What skateboard truck size should I get?

Buying a new skateboard should not be a hassle. While you may have all the bits in your shopping cart, you may still be unsure of what truck size will fit your needs. There are two main things that you should consider when choosing a skateboard truck; these include:


Firstly, your skateboard truck should match your deck perfectly in size. The standard sizes of the skateboard deck vary from 7.45 inches to 8.5 inches in street skating. Therefore, you will need to measure the body of the truck to ensure you get the correct information you need to determine the right size that will fit your deck. Axle skateboard truck of size 5” Hanger/129 mm/7.75” fit decks from 7.5 inches to 8 inches, while 5.25” Hanger/139 mm/8.0” fit deck from 8 inches to 8.5 inches.

If you have skateboard decks size above 9 inches that are made for street cruising, ramp, or pool skating, you’ll need a larger truck.

Use 149 mm skateboard truck for 8.5 to 9 inches decksUse 169 mm skateboard truck for 9 to 10 inches decksUse 215 truck for 10 inches and above decks


The height of a truck will definitely affect what you can do with your board. A low skateboard truck with smaller wheels is the best for better skating experience, especially if you want more stability for flip tricks. On the other hand, you can opt for a higher skate truck with large wheels for cruising and higher speed. It is recommended to stick with a standard medium size truck of you are a beginner.

What kind of skateboard trucks are there?

The skating trucks are a crucial component for your skateboards on how it rides and control the entire skateboarding. It would help if you had a deep understanding of various features like the right size, height, and bushing style to find the best skateboards. This will help you out in riding your skateboard as well as working it better. Remember, good skateboard trucks will help you become a better and swifter skater.

Here are some of the best skateboard trucks you can choose according to your riding skills and styles of skateboarding.

Havoc 5.0 Skateboard Trucks

Havoc is one of the best skateboard trucks that have consistently provided a decent quality truck at a reasonable price in the market. Perhaps it is the lightest, standard-sized skateboard trucks, which meets the needs of most skaters in the present market. It is supposed to be the best choice for beginners as well as casual skaters who do not wish to do many grind tricks.

Thunder Polish Hi 147 Skateboard trucks

Thunder Polish is another popular lightest truck available in the present market. It is a great truck with amazing features deemed to support and enhance the skating experience. The beautiful shiny polished truck design allows you to do lots of twisting and turning tricks with your skateboard. If you are a cruiser who loves doing more street styles and advance tricks, then this sturdy design is best for you. Thunder Polish truck also comes with a guarantee against all kinds of defects; this means you’re going to have a lightweight, durable skateboard truck.

Quest Board Double Barrel Trucks

The well-design Double barrel trucks come with quality material to allow a skater to do many more tricks on the skateboard. Besides its reasonable prices in the market, you can enjoy other convenience like adjusting it from soft state to harder state that you have probably missed in most other quality skateboard trucks.

Other best Skateboard Trucks you may consider to improve your skating techniques include:

Independent TrucksIndependent Silver 139mmTensor Skateboard TrucksVenture Polish Hi-Low Skateboard Truck

Are skateboard trucks universal?

So, you have your skateboard and know the kinds of trucks you can have and what they do. But do you understand how they work? What should you do in case you want to change your skateboard? Well, the trucks on a skateboard are critically important on how your board rides and work. Skateboard trucks come with different sizes (width) and accommodate only decks of specific sizes. Few skateboard trucks are universal, allowing you to change your deck according to your needs.

Therefore, it important to inspect the size of a skateboard truck before purchasing it. This will allow you to make skateboard deck replacement depending on the way you want to ride and improve your skating skills. Universal trucks give you confidence about doing regular maintenance on your board as needed.

Bottom line

Unlike many other sports, you’re only as good as your equipment in skateboarding. Perhaps you could be the best on the board, but if you’re boarding the wrong size or poor quality, chances are you’re not going to get far and will end up frustrated. If you want to get the most out of it and succeed in skating, get yourself a good skateboard truck that complete skateboard for you. Therefore, when purchasing skateboard trucks, you should put in mind the above-discussed characteristics.

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