How to Grip A Skateboard Deck

Knowing how to grip a deck is one of those valuable life skills like wearing a cravat correctly or mixing the perfect martini.

Using Grip tape is a really must do part of setting up your Skateboard, because you need it to provide the necessary traction  to keep your feet on the board, especially when your doing hard to do  tricks. Manyboards come realty pre-gripped, while some others do not.

Do you need grip tape on a skateboard?

It is possible to ride on a Skateboard or Longboard without griptape – I used to when I first started out not having griptape on one of my decks. But it is something I would highly recommend against, because even if you wear the grippiest of shoes they will slip on a bare deck without griptape eventually. … Lastly, grip tape you don’t need to cover the entire top of your Skateboard deck.

Guide to Grip tape Decking out your board

So here is our step-by-step guide on how to grip a deck. Enjoy!

Tools You Will Need

  • Stanley Knife
  • File

Step 1

Get a strip of grip tape about 2 inches longer than your deck. Most grip tape is 9 inches wide, enoough to easily cover most decks.


Step 2

Peel off the paper backing to the grip tape at one end and then apply that end to either end of the skateboard deck. Then carefully pull off the backing paper and pat the griptape onto the deck as you go along the full length of the deck.


Step 3

Your applied grip tape should look something like this:


Step 4

You will need a metal file or something similar with a hard metallic edge. Use the edge of the file to score along the edge of the gripped deck.If there are any air pockets in the grip tape, use a knife blade to pierce them, and they will disappear.


Once you have scored all the way round the deck, it will look something like this


Step 5

This is where it gets a little tricky, and where you might want to get a grown up to help you, as they say on Blue Peter. You will need a sharp Stanley knife which you will use to cut around the previously scored grip tape. Be sure to do this slowly and carefully, and make sure your spare hand is out of the line of fire of the blade, as seen in the photo below:


Step 6

Finally, once you have cut the grip all the way around the deck, you can use a piece of the discarded grip tape to sand down the edges (see below). This has the benefit of sealing the griptape more firmly to the deck so that it’s less likely to peel off. It also looks a bit neater.


And that’s it, you’re ready to go. You have now fitted out your first of no doubt many boards with Grip tape.

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