How to stop Pushing Mongo

It is pretty common that most skaters tend to push their longboards by using their back foot. However, some skaters find it quite easier to push the skateboard with their front foot. This procedure is called pushing ongo’.

There are many people who have learned skateboard at a very tender age but never considered their stance. They assumed that their feet were rightly positioned in the way so as to push the skateboard. However, it is only a matter of time they understood that they were doing it in the wrong way.

Mongo pushing may be right for some skateboard users, but it is not worthy of if you are planning to learn a few technical flips. There are many pro skateboarders who mongo push.

How to STOP Pushing Mongo

As aforementioned, mongo pushing may not be a hurdle if you have learned it as a kid unknowingly. And, you should have probably felt that it isn’t a terrible way to push your skateboard. It might be hard on your part or anyone who wishes not to push mongo.

That’s because it’s a constant endeavor and you have to repeat it in your mind not to do it again. It is not an easy thing to get rid of any habit that has been deeply wired into your system. So, how to stop pushing mongo?

You may start by casually cruising through a smooth pavement or street. That will be easier for you to focus on. It might appear to be the hardest thing ever because your brain will constantly indicate that it is unnatural, and it will be awkward and tiring.

You will feel like a beginner and will be a bit embarrassed. However, it won’t take much time and it will get better and better after some time. A simple trick that might help you is by leaning on your knees with your hand. It will make you comfortable.

Here is what you need to do if you want to stop mongo pushing.

Find an even pavement, road, or a sidewalk, and gently start pushing in a normal way.Make use of your hand, right or left depending upon your stance, and begin to lean on the knee when you begin to feel more comfortable.While doing so, your balance might be a bit off sometimes, perhaps you should take it slow.Every time you tend to push mongo, try to force yourself to push in a normal way.Get over the skateboard and jump into the proper position.

When you follow all these things, it is expected that you will be able to reap the benefits. As said, it might take some time for doing so, but with consistency, you will be able to master it, and never want to go back again.

Do any pro skaters push mongo?

It is seen that the most talented and stylish pro skaters started off by pushing mongo. Although they all started off in this fashion, they corrected their way of skating. If you are a pro, you will tend to push away the skateboard with your front foot. As such there are possibilities that you can break your career.

Because style is important, mongo pushing is considered weird. It is worthy to note that pro skaters like Stevie Williams, Mark Gonzales, and Eric Koston push mongo during a fakie trick or riding switch. In fact, a large number of older generation skaters push mongo when setting a fakie or riding switch.

Bill Danforth, an infamous mongo pusher, was popular for his pumping style. Randy Colvin was another mongo pusher who showed impressive stuff during the early 90s. Tom Penny, who was pushing mongo when he first started out, soon made a correction to his stance.

Randy Colvin is also a pro skater who pushes mongo while skateboarding. Almost every pro skater push mongo, and it’s their own choice if they want to do. But they won’t push mongo other than when setting up a nollie or fakie trick. However, they tend to push the longboard with their back foot mostly.

Is pushing Mongo bad on a longboard?

Pushing mongo involves pushing the skateboard with the front foot rather than the back foot. It appears gruesome and you are embarrassing yourself when you do that. Hence, try hard to get rid of this terrible habit. You have to push yourself harder if you want to do it, or else don’t even think about skateboarding.

It is an artistic sport that is judged on your style, execution, and grace. Hence, it is not required to push mongo. There are plenty of ways by which you can hold your skateboard, other than the so-called all grip’ that is spreading like a wildfire.

Mall grip typically refers when you carry the boards by their trucks. However, that means you are new in the area of skating. You can carry your board in whatever way you want, by their tail, nose, side, or strap it in your backpack; but you shouldn’t hold it by the trucks.

A normal skateboard has a specific appearance and shape, whereas a longboard will have an endless variety. In general, it is not recommended to practice with a longboard. Although there are many people who are using a longboard, that only proves they are inexperienced.

There are several authentic reports that suggest people who use longboards are much prone to head fracture, brain injury, and intracranial hemorrhage than skateboarders. Longboards achieve greater speeds, and hence pushing mongo is strictly not recommended.

Skateboarders normally train in skate parks, whereas longboarders usually ride on open spaces that introduces certain obstacles such as light posts and moving cars. As such, there are chances that injuries might happen.

What’s so bad about pushing mongo?

When it is about pushing mongo, it isn’t very effective. There are a few disadvantages that are too obvious and you might not be aware of it. One of the biggest hurdles is that you need to quickly access the tail continuously when you are pushing around.

You need to push mongo in kickturn, hop cracks, Ollie, avoid small rocks, and so on. If you push in a regular way, that would be quite easier. That’s because it will take lesser time for you to get in the right position. The only thing you need to do is take off your back foot, and you are on your tail.

Pushing mongo will involve some extra steps, and some of them can be a bit risky. When it takes much time to get into a stable and proper position, you can’t go further with unexpected results in a short time. You need to react in less time, and most probably, you may have experienced this already.

Some factors such as the center of gravity and weight distribution come into play. Your motionless back foot lies between the tail and middle of your skateboard. As a result of this, the ride will become unstable and more dangerous at greater speeds.

It will become harder for you to make instant corrections when someone or something comes in your path. You won’t be facing such hurdles while you are pushing normal. The front foot will rest near the bolts of the trucks and give you more stability.

Is it OK to Push a Skateboard With My Front Foot?

Sometimes it is OK to push a skateboard with your front foot. But when you are planning to learn a few technical flip tricks, then pushing on the front foot is a bad habit. It is a controversial thing to say that pushing skateboard with the front foot is rong’ because when it comes to skating, there is no right or wrong.

You should enjoy skateboarding by using your front foot if it works for you. Moreover, there are some pro skaters who used their front foot while skateboarding, such as Bill Danforth. There are other popular skaters who used to switch between front and back foot while skating. They include Eric Koston, Stevie Williams, Jacob Vance, and so on.

If you are not sure whether to push mongo, then don’t. It is perfectly fine to push the skateboard with your back foot, and it is better indeed. If you have just started to skate, then it will be the best time to learn again how to push the board by using the back foot.

However, mongo pushing will get in your way a few times. That means you need to shuffle your feet while doing technical tricks. Here are some of the reasons for avoiding mongo pushing.

It’s harder to remain steady and control your skateboardIt will appear funny to other skaters, and you will probably hear some teasing from themYou won’t be able to gather much speed There will be an uneven weight distribution

Why do skaters hate mongo pushers?

Mongo pushers are being looked down by many skaters as unprofessional and they think that the stance looks stupid. In general, it is seen that mongo pushers take a longer time to develop certain tricks. If you are a beginner, it is recommended not to rely on this technique often.

Many skaters who have been pushing mongo for quite some time, maybe a year, find it difficult to perform on a skateboard. As such, this kind of person will find it hard to stay on the board for a longer time. It appears that they are chasing their skateboards while trying to stay on it.

People who mongo push can’t land 1-inch ollies. When you do normal push, you can perform 360 shoves, making you look like a pro among many people who are following mongo pushing. Many people who have skated that way for quite some time, tend to switch back to the normal skating after a while.

As aforementioned, mongo pushers are treated as stupid by regular skaters. Mongo pushers are being made fun of whenever they begin to skate around the regular skaters. There is also a significant amount of risk associate with such people who push mongo.

Regular skaters consider skateboarding as a symbol of style, and mongo pushing just kills the thrilling experience. Skaters say that such people look retarded and if not corrected in due time, would attract undesirable results.

Hence, it is seen that mongo is treated as an ugly thing by most skaters. They believe that it ruins the flow and style of skateboarding. Regular skaters do hate mongo because they think that it holds you from performing quick tricks.

Pushing mongo on longboard?

When you push on a longboard to gain momentum, you should get into another stance. Almost every skater tends to push their dominant foot, which is their back foot while balancing and steering with their front foot.

The front foot should be placed in front of the truck bolts located ahead of the board, parallel to the board’s deck, and slightly angled towards the nose. This is what normal skaters do while skating on a longboard. However, those who push mongo rides in a different way.

People who tend to push mongo should use a reversed stance. That means you try to balance on your dominant foot, the back one, positioned near the rear truck, and utilize your front foot to push the ground. This is the popular stance that many mongo pushers do on a longboard.

However, it is pretty hard to steer by this method. That’s why many people feel comfortable while pushing the board with the back foot. During the pushing stance, you are technically squatting down on your back leg. The pushing knee also gets bend for more control and power.

Try to make a hard push soon after longboarding for a few days. When you make a harder push, you will be able to gain speed. You can use a longboard for mongo push if it appears to be comfortable for you.


Mongo pushing may have a few disadvantages, but it is not wise to change the style because people think it ugly. If you are comfortable, then it’s fine. But if you want to be a pro, you should stop pushing the skateboard with your front foot. Many people may have got away with it earlier, but those days are no more.

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