Is Sky Brown in the Olympics

Skateboarding prodigy Sky Brown admits she had to ‘beg’ her parents to let her compete at the Olympics – watch the video

Sky Brown is officially part of Great Britain’s Skateboarding team hoping to qualify for the Tokyo Olympics in 2020. In the following we do a complete roundup story Of Sky’s story to date.

Who is Sky Brown?


Brown, who is aiming to become Great Britain’s youngest-ever Olympian at the Tokyo 2020 Games, does not consider the mastery of her sport as “training”. It is much more fun than that.

“Skateboarding is a playground,” she said. “I don’t really train. I don’t have a coach. I just skate. It’s nice to learn new tricks, I want to get them right for Tokyo. I’d like to do some tricks I’ve never done in a contest before.”

Brown is being accompanied in Lausanne by her Japanese mother Mieko, her English father Stuart, and her brother Ocean, eight (another talented skateboarder).

Eleven-year-old Sky Brown is on the verge of becoming Team GB’s youngest ever Olympian as she prepares for the Tokyo 2020 Games, but reveals she had to persuade her parents to let her compete. “We weren’t going to do the Olympics. My parents thought it was too much pressure,” […]

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Sky Brown may only be 10-years-old, but the pint-sized skateboarder, dancer and surfer has ambitions beyond her tender years.Brown was named Thursday in the five-strong British skateboard team that hopes to reach the Olympics in Tokyo 2020.

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Can Sky Brown compete in the Olympics?

Eleven-year-old Sky Brown is smashing the skateboarding world and beating adults much older than her. She’s set her sights on competing in the Tokyo Olympics in 2020, where she’d be Britain’s youngest ever summer Olympian. It’ll be the first time skateboarding will be an official sport at the Olympics.Jan 25, 2020
Sky Brown: Skating towards Tokyo 2020 Olympics – BBC News

Skateboarder Sky Brown, 11, takes bronze at worlds with eye on Olympics

  • Brown, 11, takes bronze at world skateboarding championships
  • British prodigy remains on track to qualify for Tokyo Olympics
  • Shaun White finishes 13th in setback for Olympic qualification

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Sat 14 Sep 2019 22.12 BSTLast modified on Sat 14 Sep 2019 22.13 BST

Sky Brown
 Skateboarder Sky Brown, 11, is aiming to become the youngest female Summer Olympian in 50 years. Photograph: Carl de Souza/AFP/Getty Images

Sky Brown, the 11-year-old British skateboarding prodigy who is on track to become the youngest female to compete at the Summer Olympics in 50 years, won bronze at the world championships in Brazil on Saturday.

Japan’s Misugu Okamoto, who is 13, took first at the skateboarding park world championships in Sao Paolo with a score of 61.17, beating out countrywoman Sakura Yosozumi (60.00).

Brown, who topped the leaderboard after the first of four finals runs, posted her best tally in the final round with a score of 58.13 to reach the podium. While she’s yet to qualify for an Olympic spot for Tokyo where skateboarding will feature for the first time as a medal sport, it marked her best finish of the year as she appears well on her way.

Sky Brown’s Youtube Channel

Sky and Ocean Brown are professional skateboarders and surfers. Currently ranked number 3rd in the world, Sky Brown is youngest skater ever to appear in the Vans US Open, and one of the most popular athletes on social media. At age 11, she is a pro skater and surfer.

She is also the first ever winner of Dancing with the Stars: Junior. Sky has been featured on Ellen, Little Big Shots, The Today Show with Sarah and Strahan, and numerous other talk shows and press outlets. When she’s not busy winning competitions, Sky works with Skateistan, a nonprofit organization that empowers kids through education and skating.

Sky and Ocean Brown offical youtube Channel.

Who are Sky Brown’s parents?

Sky’s mother Mieko is Japanese while her father Stu is British. They run her and her brother’s social media accounts and other affairs. The family’s home is in the city of Miyazaki in southwest Japan.

Her dad has previously told how at first he tried to get Sky NOT to skateboard. He told the Daily Mail: “Before she was three I didn’t want her to get on a skateboard. You have a little girl and you want to wrap her in cotton wool. But it was the one toy she kept going back to.”

Mieko said she also had nerves about her daughter performing some of the stunts she does, but added: “I trust her. If she says she can do it, I believe her.”

Where does Sky Brown live?

Miyazaki“It’s really cool that the Olympics will be in Japan because it’s my home, it’s where I was born,” added Brown, who lives in Miyazaki, southern Japan

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