One Wheel Skateboard- The Hover Board

Skateboarding is an activity that keeps on evolving. Over the past few years, we have seen the evolution of different skateboards. In case you are a skating enthusiast, you must have heard of or harbored the thought of owning the one-wheel skateboard. If you haven’t heard of it, then worry not. In this article, we will look at this fantastic series of skateboards to equip you with all the information you need to know. Let’s get started.

A one wheel skateboard is a self-balancing board sport. It uses gyroscopes to help you achieve balance. It is fitted with a go-kart tire and has a pretty straightforward working mechanism. For motion, you first step on the back platform, which forces the front part to face upwards. It has a blue section in the grip tape where you then plant your foot to make contact with the sensor. After the sensor reads that your foot is settled, the brushless motors inside the wheel will be activated to allow motion.

How much is a one wheel?

One wheel skateboards are quite expensive, and to own one, you will have to part with a considerable amount. These amazing means of locomotion retail at $1499 and above, which is on the higher side. However, taking into account the overall speed and feel when riding on these amazing one-legged skateboards, you will agree that they are worth every cent.

Is a one-wheel worth it?

Now, this is a discussion that differs from individual to individual. We all have our preferences and things we won’t mind spending a fortune on. With that being said, let us explore what this amazing invention has to offer and see whether it is worth its price tag or not. The one wheel can cover significant miles in a day using electricity only. A full charge offers around twelve to eighteen miles, which is a good deal saving you money that you would have used on fuel or bus fare.

This skateboard is highly eco-friendly, which is a good save to the environment. It is electrically powered and does not, therefore, emit fumes that might be harmful to the environment. Its parts can also be recycled. The one wheel skateboard is also highly versatile. It can serve a range of purposes, as a means of locomotion and a way of having fun. You can, therefore, ride to the beach, surf through town or commute to and from town.

The software in the One-wheel is also something to die for. The digital shaping 2.0 technology in the One wheel mobile app offers you maximum control of your riding. It also infuses time and technology, which is everything worth it. The one wheel is also a fancy and an excellent way to commute. You can, therefore, start your day feeling energized and full. This skateboard is noiseless and can move pretty quickly. It is also a good board spot for having fun.

So is the One wheel worth it? Yes. It is worth every penny.

Can One Wheel go uphill?

Absolutely yes. You can ride your One Wheel uphill. There are, however, specific considerations that you should have in mind. Most riders encounter a problem going uphill with their one-wheel skateboards.One of the ways that you can fix this problem is by looking out for the modes. Practice with Sequoia or Cruz modes, which are some of the most suited modes for uphill riding in the One wheel skateboard. Also, have in mind that going uphill can mess your pushback, especially if you are not used to it.

Certain factors influence your uphill riding experience. These are the steepness of the hill, your overall weight, your speed of riding and the obstacles in the road. You, therefore, need to be wary. You should also pay attention to the feedback you get from your board and keep in mind that your board has limits, and it will probably fight back if the limits are exceeded. Do not, therefore, force it to travel uphill.

Having a protective gear when going uphill is essential. Remember, a one wheel skateboard uses a motor. A little wobbling or hitting a bump is enough to spike workload for the motor, which can cause a nosedive. You do not probably want to go back home with a broken nose. In case you fear going uphill, reading the manual would help.

Can I ride my One wheel in the rain?

Yes, you can, but I wouldn’t recommend it. Even though the consensus among One Wheel owners is that this product is pretty water-resistant, the warranty issued by the company does not cover damages related to water and rain. In as much as you can ride your One wheel in the rain, you have to be careful lest over $1500 goes down the drain.

Your board can handle little rain pretty well, especially short rain. However, when your board gets soaked in saltwater, you are probably going to get a new one or spend a fortune on replacing the components. Also, the mere fact that the One Wheel skateboard is water-resistant does not make it waterproof.

You can ride your sports board during light rains, but I wouldn’t advise doing the same for heavy rains. A good option is using a waterproofing kit if you want to make the board waterproof and safe for riding in heavy downpours. Constantly riding your board in the rain also predisposes the battery’s module and the inner circuits to damage and corrosion, respectively. You will end up spending more on replacing the battery module, which could have been easily avoided.

Remember, water damage is not included in the warranty, and it is not worth risking. You should also use a fender if you must ride in the rain. The fender will protect your board from mud, which may interfere with the sensor and other inner components.

You also need protective gear when riding in light drizzles since the road is usually pretty slippery.

What is the best one wheel skateboard?

There are several one wheel skateboard models you can choose. However, the One Wheel plus XR still towers above all the other options

The 0ne Wheel + XR

In case you need the perfect personal transporter, the One Wheel + XR has everything you are looking for. It is an excellent way of commuting from one place to another and a cool upgrade for skateboard users.

This fantastic beast has a mile range of between 12 to 18 and a top speed of 19 miles per hour, way higher than the average scooter. Its ten-inch wheel is suitable for different types of terrains, be it uphill, dirt roads or smooth pavements. The One wheel plus XR is easy to ride, thanks to its hyper core brushless motor. It does not overheat since the motor’s axle also acts as a means of dissipating the extra heat, giving you comfortable riding experience.

The plus XR offers you maximum control. It has no remote control, and its operation relies on the foot pads. Your only role is to lean towards the direction you wish to go. The front and the rear part of the deck are also fitted with smart LED lights that make it suitable for night riding. Let’s talk about the app. The One wheel plus XR app is built for satisfaction. It is not only user friendly but also incorporates beneficial features that significantly influence your riding experience. You will get access to the distance traveled, your speed, the digital shaping and your battery usage.

The One Wheel plus XR is the ultimate haven. It, however, comes at a pretty high price. To get one, you will part with roughly $1799.

Why is the One Wheel plus XR the best one wheel skateboard?

The one wheel plus XR has several pros that makes it tower above all the other options. These are:

i) Its heavy-duty ten-inch wheel makes it suitable for any type of terrain. You are not therefore restricted to pavements.

ii) It has smart LED lights that can act both as tail lights and headlights depending on the direction, which makes it suitable for night riding.

iii) It has a powerful motor that makes riding pretty comfortable and efficient.

This is one of the easiest one wheel skateboards to ride for people upgrading from regular skateboards. It has a really low learning curve.


You should probably try the one wheel skateboard if you are a sports board enthusiast. I hope that this article has shed some light on our subject of discussion. These boards are everything to die for, from speed to efficiency. There are several models available. However, out of all the models, the One wheel plus XR, which we have looked at, is still the best option. If you are a first-time buyer, you can never go wrong with this choice.

I hope you enjoyed our article. For more, you can take some time and check other reviews from our website.

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