Skateboarding Events for the first time at the 2020 Olympics

Skateboarding Events for the first time at the 2020 Olympics

This is a round up post of News articles covering Skateboarding at the Summer Olympics in Japan 2020

What Skateboarding Disciplines and events will there be?

Skateboarding will make its Olympic debut in Tokyo 2020. The competition will be held at the Ariake Urban Sports Park. The street skateboarding competitions will be held on 26 and 27 July 2020, and the park skateboarding competitions will be held on 5 and 6 August 2020

When did skateboarding start in the Olympics?

The sport of skateboarding will make its Olympic debut at the Tokyo 2020 Games. There are various theories about the origins of skateboarding, but it is generally held that the sport began in the 1940s on the west coast of the USA when metal wheels were attached to a narrow wooden board.

How Many Skateboarders will take part in the Olympics?

There are 80 quota spots available for skateboarding. Each event will have 20 competitors qualify: 3 from the World Championships, 16 from world rankings, and 1 from the host, Japan.[5]

Each National Olympic Committee (NOC), the governing body for each country’s Olympic goings-on, is allowed six men and six women for skateboarding, but no more than three athletes per gender per event.PP

— Amanda Capritto[6]

Event qualification is currently managed by World Skate.

(Roller Sports’s pitch for the 2020 Olympics, n.d.)

Day   Date Start Finish Event Phase
Day 2 Sunday 26 July 2020 9.00 13.55 Men’s Street Prelims Heats/Final
Day 3 Monday 27 July 2020 9.00 13.55 Women’s Street Prelims Heats/Final
Day 12 Wednesday 5 August 2020 9.00 13.40 Women’s Park Prelims Heats/Final
Day 13 Thursday 6 August 2020 9.00 13.40 Men’s Street Prelims Heats/Final

Outlook for the Tokyo 2020 Games

A unique experience in a dynamic urban venue

In skateboarding, the rider is free to select which parts of the course to tackle and which tricks to perform. Even when the same tricks are performed, the flow of the performance can depend greatly on the speed attained. While speed is an important element, marks are awarded for the overall level of difficulty and originality. 

In addition, competition judges also take into account the overall flow, timing, consistency and the extent skateboarders are able to create the sensation of being suspended in mid-air.

Skateboarding at the Olympics features two disciplines: park and street. 

The park competition will take place on a hollowed-out course featuring a complex series of twists and turns. Park courses resemble large bowls with steep sides, nearly vertical at the top. Skaters send themselves to dizzying heights, performing jaw-dropping spins and tricks midair, and then gracefully bring themselves back down to the bowl to do it all over again on the other side. 

The street competition features a straight course with stairs, handrails, benches, walls and slopes to mimic a real street. This kind of skateboarding is characterized by riding along curbs and rails, leaping into the air without using hands, and that familiar grind of board on metal. 

Olympic skateboarders will experience at least some of the creative freedom they get in their home parks and streets: They’re free to choose which parts of the course to cover and, of course, which tricks to perform. Also, in an attempt to maintain the feel of the sport, music will accompany each rider. 

Only one athlete rides at a time, and competitors get three timed runs to post their best score.

How do athletes qualify to skateboard at the 2020 Olympics?

The IOC has allotted 80 quota spots for skateboarders at the 2020 Olympics. There will be 40 spots for women across the two categories and 40 for men, with 20 skaters in both the street and park competitions for each gender.

Between the 80 qualifying athletes, 38 men and 38 women will come from different nations, with four total slots (two men and two women) reserved for the host nation of Japan. 

The American team Hopefuls

Twenty-one of America’s best skateboarders gathered last weekend at the Berrics, a private skate park south of downtown Los Angeles mere miles from the sport’s birthplace. It was USA Skateboarding’s media day, an event that served as an introduction for the athletes who will likely represent the United States as skateboarding makes its Olympics debut at the 2020 Games in Tokyo.

Olympics’ Qualification Criteria

Points System

Skateboarder from around the world will be able to accrue points for the World Skateboarding Ranking competing in officially sanctioned World Skate events. 


The qualification system will be based on World Skateboarding Rankings maintained by World Skate. Skateboarders will earn points by competing in World Skate sanctioned events during the Olympic qualifying period beginning January 1, 2019 and ending May 31, 2020.

Possible Skateboarders to be confirmed at a later date.

US Olympic Skateboard Team

Women’s Park

Brighton Zeuner (Encinitas, CA)

Bryce Wettstein (Encinitas, CA)

Jordyn Barratt (Haleiwa, HI)

Nicole Hause (Stillwater, MN)

Men’s Park

Alex Sorgente (Lake Worth, FL)

Tom Schaar (Malibu, CA)

Tristan Rennie (Rialto, CA)

Zion Wright (Jupiter, FL)

Women’s Street

Alexis Sablone (Old Saybrook, CT)

Jenn Soto (Jersey City, NJ)

Lacey Baker (Covina, CA)

Mariah Duran (Albuquerque, NM)

Men’s Street

Chris Joslin (Hawaiian Gardens, CA)

Jagger Eaton (Mesa, AZ)

Louie Lopez (Hawthorne, CA)

Nyjah Huston (Laguna Beach, CA)

Australia Olympic Skateboard Team

Shane O’Neill

Nick Boserio

Tommy Fynn

Jack Fardell

Jake Duncombe

Coach: Dustin Dollin

Brazil Olympic Skateboard Team

Women’s Park

Yndiara Asp

Dora Varella

Isadora Pacheco

Camila Borges

Men’s Park

Pedro Barros

Luizinho Francisco

Murilo Peres

Italo Penarrubia

Shaun White

Women’s Street

Leticia Bufoni

Pamela Rosa

Monica Torres

Gabriela Mazetto

Men’s Street

Kelvin Hoefler

Luan De Oliveira

Tiago Lemos

Felipe Gustavo

Japan Olympic Skateboard Team

As the host, Japan definitely will not miss any game in this Event.

Women’s Park

Kisa Nakamura

Men’s Park

Ayumu Hirano

Women’s Street

Aori Nishimura

Men’s Street

Yuto Horigome

Philippine Olympic Skateboard Team

Women’s Street

Margielyn Didal

Finland Olympic Skateboard Team

Women’s Park

Lizzie Armanto

Great Britain Olympic Skateboard Team

Sky Brown (10-year-old, from Miyazaki in Japan)

Alex Decunha (22-year-old, from Milton Keynes)

Sam Beckett (26-year-old, from Norfolk)

Jordan Thackeray (22-year-old, from Colchester)

Alex Hallford (26-year-old, from Nottingham)

Portuguese Britain Olympic Skateboard Team

Gustavo Ribeiro

Gabriel Ribeiro

Jorge Simões

Bruno Senra

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