What cameras do skateboard Filmers use


The mini-DVs are the preferable first choice cameras for skateboarders for the simple reason that they produce a high-quality video and while keeping the cost of the project down because they are cheap. These are cameras are very popular with skaters. But the professional video skating cameras are more preferable for excellent captures.

They are also easy to carry around, are widely available and the tapes are easy to store.

You would expect to pay between $300 and $500 for a mini-DV camera but again these will need you to have a Firewire 400 port on your computer.

You do not have to be attached to a certain brand when looking for the best skateboard video camera to give the best skateboarding camera video unless of course, you love that brand. Regardless of the type of camera you select, be sure to have one with fisheye that keeps the skater and obstacles on focus and film objects large and clear enough to see.

A fisheye lens allows for wide-angle captures so you have enough space in the lens to capture as much of what is happening as possible. Examples are the LEICA DICOMAR 20X whose videos can be viewed in high res and can be mounted on social media.

If you are looking at the sensor quality, probably the best cameras are those with Intel CPU and Pana CMOS image sensor. A good example is the 13M IMX258 by cameras with Sony, which can shoot good quality videos even at a high speed. You can also opt or an external microphone, which renders clear audio although you can take out annoying noise during editing. The ORDRO CM520 external model will serve that purpose perfectly.

Folding screens that can rotate up to 270 degrees are also great for taking selfies.

How do you film a skate video?

The first place to start is the camera video settings and the most recommended mode, for now, is 60 fps as compared to 30 fps for better quality video with the best resolution. You can zoom or keep it fixed.

A good video is as good as the place selected for filming and it is advisable to scout good places where to shoot your videos, well ahead of time. The ideal place is where it will be easy to film but where there are challenging obstacles of different variety. Skaters also prefer parks with good space and with different kinds of obstacles on which they can try different tricks.

Filming a group of people – say your friends trying different or the same tricks can be fun and engaging. Just ensure that you can keep the whole skater in the frame without cutting out.

Many skaters use the 360 hard-flip to film friends. Filming different people produces good footage although the 360 hard-flip will consume more power and space as you wait for restarts and recoveries. That means you might need to have to bring with you an extra battery and tape. This means you do not have to coordinate the group of skaters to end up with good scenes in the video – you just need to film as much as you can and edit the video later on.

With a basic video editing software, it is possible to end up with a professional video. You can start with the free options that will offer the basic features of editing, including iMovie, Windows Movie Maker, and Avidemux, then advance to the professional skateboarding camera video editing software. There still is a wide range from which to select if you are looking for a professional video editing software – VideoStudio Pro and Final Cut Pro for instance.

Filming yourself can be done using a camera on the tripod and you can mark the center of the frame on the concrete. If you are the cameraman when filming a group of skaters, it is important to focus on yourself but be sure to stay safe by not paying too much attention on the camera – stay safe by focusing on your board and balancing. Be sure to catch the tricks in the video.

Why do skateboarders use fisheye?

A fisheye lens will keep both the skater and obstacle in the frame which makes the field of view wider to capture the action close enough. In other words, fisheye provides the widest angle of view you could use to capture fascinating skating videos. This means smaller objects that would otherwise be harder to see, are larger and taller.

Fisheye is used for big gaps or sets though and not for compact tricks.

What are the best skateboarding cameras cheap

Camcorder Video CameraAt the price of just $89.99, this camera delivers powerful video with its ultra HD 4K 48.0 MP. It performs great when recording videos because of its high resolution of 60 fps that can capture images with a resolution of 48 MP. Besides, its 3-inch IPS touch screen can manage a rotation of 270 degrees and can record selfies.


Panasonic 4K Ultra HD VideoCamera: The Panasonic 4K Ultra HD Video Camera is powered with LEICA DICOMAR 20X lens and is more of a modern camera because it is equipped with WiFi. The camera screen delivers a resolution of 1080p screen. In addition to its high dynamic range mode (HDR), the camera allows to zoom, pan, and cut, and can capture 4K subject. It costs $647 on Amazon.


AC3 – Skateboarding Video Camera For Beginners: With a 4K Ultra HD resolution, this is the camera you would need to for your skateboarding camera video. It offers the option of 080p at 60 fps and 720 at 120 fps and is mounted with and capacitive IPS of 3.1 inches touch screen panel. It costs $249.99.

ORDRO HDR-AC3 4K Camcorder Camera: This is the best skateboard video camera to use for your skateboarding projects because it is accurate at its job. With, 24MP CMOS Sensor, an IPS screen of 3.1 inches, and a zoom capable of 30 increases, you can do night vision and continue recording without problems. It costs $249.99 at Amazon.


CofunKool 60FPS 48MP Ultra HD Camera: It delivers better performance because of its Intel CPU and Pana CMOS image sensor. Its 60 fps resolution it is all you would need to capture perfect videos and images are great due to its 48 MP resolution. Its screen can also rotate a whopping 270 degrees. It costs $243.99.

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