Where is Skateboarding Most Popular in the World

Skateboarding is a sport wherein tricks are being performed using a skateboard. Some people even recognize it as an art form. To others, it can be a mode of transportation to go on short distances from one place to another. Mostly, it is a recreational sport and very popular all over the world.

It’s also one of the biggest contributors to the economy since it worth $4.8 billion annually according to the 2009 report. In 2016, they announced that skateboarding will be included for the Olympics 2020 that will happen in Tokyo, Japan.

Where is skateboarding popular? The answer is, it’s all over the world. Although in some countries, it is being taken as one of the recreational sports only. Since there are no skateboarding competitions from where they are, it is not as big compared with other countries. Los Angeles, California is the home for most of the professional skateboarders. Since it is where skateboarding originated, most of the skateboarding shops are also around this area.

There are more countries now that are into skateboarding. Since it becomes popular all over the US, many countries also tried this sport. Although it takes a lot of courage to ride the skateboard, most people seem to like the adrenaline rush. It can be a dangerous activity and you need to be careful when you’re skating. However, since it feels as if you are also surfing without the waves, more people are getting into skateboarding.

Countries Where Skateboarding is Popular

1. USA

Los Angeles, California is the birthplace of the modern skateboarding. This is where skateboarding is the most popular even up to this day. Since you can see so many skateboarding shops around and people are skateboarding instead of walking from the streets.

New York City energizes skateboarders around this area because of its flurry lights and massive skyline. It’s another home for skateboarders in the city and they usually hang out and share their new skateboard tricks to their group.

San Francisco, California was the center of skateboarding during the 90s and home to the famous skateboarding hills. This is the best place to practice your uphill and downhill skateboarding if you want to do it another way than just skateboarding on a flat surface.

2. Spain

Skateboarding is popular in Barcelona, Spain. The Catalan is known to be the skateboarding Mecca since the late 90s. Spain has many skateparks all over the country. However, Barcelona holds the reputation of being the national skateboarding capital in the country, You can see the proof that skateboarding is popular in this area because of the freestyle skaters that you can see from the plaza.

3. France

Paris, France inspires skateboarders just like how it did to poets, writers and artists alike. It’s a great place to go on sightseeing while you’re riding your skateboard. Recently, it becomes the must-go place for skaters. They have remodeled the Republic Plaza and it gave a rebirth with skateboarding in Paris.

4. Australia

Skateboarding is popular especially in Melbourne, Australia. It also becomes the best travel destination for skaters because of the solid collection of skateboarding spots.

5. United Kingdom

London in the UK becomes the epicenter of the European skate scene. So you can see a lot of skateboarders around when you visit the country. The House of Vans is their commercial skatepark where you have to book in advance and have additional rules for skaters than the usual skateparks.

6. China

Shenzhen, China has risen from obscurity and becomes the travel destination for most skaters. Skateboarding becomes their mode of transportation as well as one of their recreational sports. China has been taken over by skateboarding and they are already getting ready for the 2020 Olympics.

7. Germany

Skateboarding becomes popular especially in Berlin because of the city’s futuristic infrastructure. It’s a great place for skateboarding. It’s also named as a skate city where some skateparks are also available for skaters to use.

8. Israel

Tel Aviv in Israel is a great skateboarding place because of its good weather all year round. You can enjoy skateboarding without having to worry about the rain. The Galit Skatepark is the first skatepark in Israel. They even say that skateboarding is perfect for how they think and live their lives around the country.

Countries Where Skateboarding is Illegal

Where is Skateboarding Banned? Skateboarding was banned in Norway since 1978. They banned it because they believe that skateboarding increase accidents. During this ban, anyone is prohibited to introduce skateboarding to anyone. It is also illegal to buy or sell skateboards.

Skateboarding had been popular in Norway during the mid-70s. However, there are too many accidents from this sport that made it illegal and banned in this country. They cannot import any skate items during these times and they are the only country in the history who banned skateboarding all over the world.

The good news is, the skateboarding banned has already been lifted after a long time of where skateboarding is illegal. There are skateparks now and one of them is called Oslo Skatehall. Since the ban has been lifted in 1989, there are more and more skateboarding enthusiasts are getting into this sport.

Where is the Popular Place to Skateboard

There are designated places where you can do your skateboarding. You can take advantage of them so that you don’t end up disturbing other people from the streets. It will also allow you to practice your skateboarding tricks so that you will be good with them.


You have to look for a skatepark if you want to be able to skate without any issues. If you live in the city, you should find a skatepark near where you are. That way, you can practice your skateboarding tricks without worrying that you might get arrested.

2.Empty Parking Lots

It’s the best place to skateboard if you can’t find a skatepark nearby. You can ask for permission from the guard so that you can safely practice from there. You don’t want a car accidentally run into you if nobody knows that you are there.


Skateboarding from the actual park can be a good idea since there are bike paths around. Usually, there is a designated area for skateboarders as well that you may have not discovered yet. You can join a skate group so that you will be aware of where you can skate from where you live.

4.Indoor Skateparks

It can be more expensive to skate from an indoor skatepark. But it’s your best bet if the weather is not very good outside. Skating in the rain is not a good idea. So it’s best to go where you will not get wet.

5.Empty Garage

Your own garage is the best place to skate if you just have to do it on your own. It’s the best place to start practicing your skateboarding skills so that you will be confident when you get out there to show your friends. You don’t have to worry about disturbing other people as you do your skateboard tricks. Just make sure that it’s an empty garage or your parents might get mad at you if something happened to your car.

Cities Where Skateboarders is Popular for Being Nice

Portland, OR

It’s the best place for skateboarders if you happen to be in this area. Skateboards have the same right as bicycles. There is a preferred skating route so you will also make sure that you’re safe even while skating from the streets. The best part is that you will not have to worry about getting arrested as long as you follow the skateboarding path and have your safety gear on.

San Diego, CA

This is where to go if you want to feel welcome as a skateboarder. Since it’s where it all started, people in this area are used to seeing skateboarders everywhere. Most of the skateboarding pros came from this city. You can skateboard and enjoy the beach view from afar and you don’t have to worry about getting an annoyed look from everybody.


Skateboarding is popular all over the world ever since it was invented. Some countries even look at it as a lifestyle instead of just a sport. The skateboarding craze has indeed taken over the world since it started. There are more people especially teenagers, who are getting hooked up with this sport. Understandably, some people like to be active with sports and skateboarding is one of the most popular choices.


Of course, where skateboarding is popular is obviously in California. Since it’s the skateboarding’s birthplace you can see a lot of people on their skateboards while you’re out on the streets. The skateboard shops are also abundant in the area so you can just buy your own skateboard anywhere. For sure, you can even get a store owner who is also a skateboarder and might even learn some tricks from the shop. It’s a skateboarding haven for the skates enthusiast since it’s where skateboarding is popular.

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