Why you need to wear a Skateboarding Helmet

If you’re new to skateboarding, or even if you’ve been at it for a while, you may be wondering do you need a skateboarding helmet? The answer is a resounding yes! When you’re participating in this often dangerous sport, safety should always come first.

Many skateboarders do not wear helmets at all, or if they do, it’s only occasionally. The fact of the matter is that you need to wear a helmet whenever and wherever you go skateboarding.

Reality check. You are absolutely, positively going to crash many times during your skateboarding career. It’s an undeniable part of skateboarding, especially when you are first starting. Learning the proper techniques and balance doesn’t come overnight While it’s most likely that you will crash while attempting a tricky new maneuver of some sort, or as a beginner, anything can happen. You will fall, and you can hit your head causing a concussion or severe injury. Is it worth it to take that chance?

You might argue that you feel awkward and gawky wearing a helmet, but you shouldn’t feel like you stand out like a sore thumb. The bottom line is that while some may mock you for it, most of your fellow skateboarders will understand that you are just doing what’s necessary to protect yourself. Besides, the statistics on skateboarding head injuries aren’t pretty.


How to Look Cool Wearing a Skateboard Helmet

Although some skateboarders smirk at the idea of wearing a helmet, there is no reason to feel embarrassed if you choose to don one. In fact, wear it with pride because you are doing the natural and intelligent thing in protecting yourself. Still, it can be a bit worrisome if you are afraid that wearing a helmet will make you look uncool to your friends and fellow skateboarders. So here is some advice about how to remedy that situation.

Customize Your Helmet

Now, this sounds a whole lot harder than it really is. All you need is a helmet that you can use to customize, some spray paint, painter’s tape a sharp knife, and whatever else you feel you may require to make your own design. Instructions can be found on the Internet. With a little determination and ingenuity, you should manage just fine. It will take some time and effort, but you can do it and have fun too. Now if you aren’t going to look cool in a helmet with the design of your dreams on it, then you have failed miserably.

Try a Different Type Other Than Standard

When shopping for a skateboard helmet, it’s important to know that while there is such a thing as a standard skateboard helmet, you don’t have to settle for that if it doesn’t appeal to you. In ordinary skateboarding, open face helmets are the usual choice, and full-faced ones are for the downhill longboard riders.

Keep Searching

There are some pretty flashy skateboarding helmets out there if you are willing to spend the time necessary looking for them. Ideally, one of these might please you and ease your fears about not looking cool in a skateboarding helmet. No, you aren’t going to find the perfect helmet the first time out, but that’s okay. Be persistent and you just might be rewarded for all your hard work by finding the right helmet, that will be unique as well as safe.


Why Don’t Skateboarders Wear Helmets?

As far as can be noted there seem to be two main reasons why skateboarders don’t wear helmets. Do you need a skateboarding helmet? Yes. But the trend against them is still going strong. While there are some valid reasons, there’s also a lot of plain old stubbornness involved too.

The main reason seems to be the coolness factor. Put simply, children especially are afraid to look uncool to their peers. They want to avoid any teasing, taunting, or wisecracks, so they just don’t do it.

Of course, mom and dad can issue dire warnings about what can happen if you have a serious accident while skateboarding, but generally, kids simply aren’t going to listen and wear a helmet while skateboarding. When you’re young it’s natural to think you’re invincible. Unfortunately, that’s not true.

Another reason is that skateboarders claim that helmets can be hot, causing them to sweat more and that they are uncomfortable or awkward to wear. For the most part, even young adults or long-time skateboarders will do as they please about wearing a helmet and many of them just don’t see the need until they experience a serious injury.

What is the Best Skateboard Helmet?

If you can afford it, the Triple Eight Skateboard Helmet is among the best helmets out there to help you avoid skateboarding head injuries. It’s a top-notch, state of the art helmet and does a fine job of protecting you when you go skateboarding!

It has several of the best original technologies available in a skateboarding helmet. If you’re prone to sweating a lot, there is a liner located on the inside of the helmet which aids in absorbing sweat. Furthermore, there is a moisture-wicking layer that keeps sweat from dripping down.

Some reviewers actually consider this helmet to be a classic in the skateboarding helmet industry. The design is stunning in its perfection. There’s a 2-stage soft foam liner which keeps the helmet comfortable, but lightweight so you can wear it with ease. Don’t worry, it may be lightweight, but the high-impact shell is extremely tough and will provide protection from even the most severe accidents. Plus, you will really look sharp wearing this skateboarding helmet!

What is the Lightest Skateboard Helmet

Hands down the Pro-tec Classic Skateboard Helmet is the lightest skateboard helmet.

This is one of the leading seller products this brand has. Its outward appearance is both simple and seamless. You will want to wear this helmet.

The holes on the helmet will help your head stay cool, thus reducing sweating for the time you wear it. Also, it has eps foam which is great for absorbing shock. The helmet has a basic strap and makes for a decent fit for just about everyone.

The Pro-tec brand is known for specializing in safety equipment, so you can depend on their products to work and work well at protecting you and helping you avoid skateboarding head injuries.

One of the main benefits of the helmet is its simple, classic look. And the price is very reasonable.

About the only negative thing to say regarding this helmet is that because the strap is not tight enough for children, it isn’t the choice to make if you are seeking a helmet for a child. Plus, there isn’t a wide variety of colors to choose from. But if you purchase it for yourself with lightness in mind, you will almost certainly be happy with it.

  1. Punisher Pro-series Helmet

This is the second choice when it comes to skateboard helmets that will keep you coolly comfortable while you are riding about.

The Punisher Pro-series Helmet can give you the strong protection you need to avoid skateboarding head injuries. It also has air vents that keep the air circulating inside. You’ll sweat less and avoid that uncomfortable feeling when wearing this helmet.

This skateboarding helmet is designed for ultimate strength to protect you even in the worst of falls. The straps are adjustable so that they will fit any size head. Plus there’s extra padding inside.

Since the Punisher brand is well known, you are guaranteed to be getting one of the best lightweight helmets available out there.

Regardless of the style of helmet you choose, the important thing is that you do buy a helmet and wear it every time you go skateboarding. You do need a skateboarding helmet, no matter what your more casual peers may tell you. And don’t worry, you won’t be alone. More and more skateboarders are realizing the importance of wearing a helmet to protect themselves, and many counties now have laws that say you must wear a helmet when skateboarding.

The excuses for not wearing a skateboarding helmet — comfort, excessive sweating, not looking cool — are very weak when compared to the reality of causing serious injury to yourself while skateboarding. If a helmet can help you to avoid that and to stay healthy then you should be all for wearing one.

Lastly, don’t be concerned that your peers won’t think you’re cool if you wear a helmet while skateboarding. There are a variety of helmets out there that you can choose from which are unique and will add that bit of color and personality that you want. Most of all, keep this in mind. While your friends might not discuss it safety is a big concern in the skateboarding world.

Even people who haven’t worn a helmet for years and years are now wearing them. After all, it’s better to put up with what is really a minor inconvenience than to end up in the hospital or worse.

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