Will skateboarding help me lose weight

In this era of junk and fast foods, several people are grappling with weight issues. For some of us, we would like to lose weight by engaging in what we do best. The gym may not be our cup of tea, and therefore, we turn to sports to see if we can lose some weight while at it.An example of a sport a lot of people like to engage in is skateboarding. It may not be one of the simplest, but it is sure one of the most famous sports cutting across all age groups. you must be asking yourself, will skateboarding help me lose weight?

In case you are wondering whether you can shed some pounds on your skate or longboard, then this is the perfect article for you.We will answer some of the questions regarding skating and weight loss and whether you can trust your sport to get you back in shape. I hope that you will get all the insight you need at the end of the article. Let’s get started.

Does skateboarding help lose belly fat?

Absolutely. You can lose some belly fat with your skateboard. Just so you know, skateboarding is similar to any exercise out there and therefore, you are sure of burning some calories and work on your belly fat.Have in mind, however, that this depends on factors such as your level of skill and the total time you spend on your skateboard. You are probably going to lose more belly fat if you can pull more stunts compared to a beginner.

You should not, therefore, expect outstanding results if you do not put some work into it. Skate more. Remember, we said skateboarding is similar to any other workout and therefore, you have to invest your time and skills wisely.Your wheels and bearings will also play a significant role when it comes to burning some belly fat and shedding some calories. How? There are two types of wheels one can have in a skateboard or longboard-hard wheels and soft wheels.

When you have hard wheels, you will need to push harder, which requires a load of energy. A soft wheel, which is generally found in longboards, does not require that level of energy, and therefore, your workout will not be as intense.If you want to burn a considerable amount of belly fat, learn to skate a mini ramp and take a substantial amount of time skating, followed by short breaks.

How much weight do you lose by skateboarding?

With skateboarding, you can lose some pretty good amount of weight, especially if you are consistent. For one intense hour on your skateboard, you are sure of burning around three hundred calories if you weigh about 120 pounds, and a whopping 450 calories if you weigh 185 pounds.If you convert the calories and pounds right, you will realize that in a week, you lose between 0.5 and I pound from your skateboard. This is not absolute; it differs just like in losing belly fat. Skaters with a higher activity level and body metabolism lose more weight as compared to the more complacent ones.

An excellent hack that might help you lose some more weight as you skate is dieting. Make sure that you tone your calorie intake by 200-500 daily. If you diet well, you are assured of losing an additional pound every week, which, when combined by intense skateboarding, will leave you at a good place.

Is skateboarding a good work out?

For those who would like to try skateboard fitness, this is one of the questions you are probably asking yourself. The answer is yes. Skateboarding is more intense than it looks on the outside. What it does to your body is glorious. It may not offer super-fast results, but with consistency, you are going to see it pay off.

Even with no trick and by just pushing around your skateboard, you are sure of burning some calories. In case you are wondering why skateboarding is a good work out resort, have in mind that it helps in the development of crucial muscles and even the spine, which is one of the most ignored parts of the body when it comes to working out.

Skateboarding also strengthens your cardiovascular system since it is more of a cardio exercise. You can even say that it is an intense aerobic exercise since it involves a lot of physical activity that is good for the body.An important consideration that you ought to make before taking it up, therefore, is picking the right board that will help you achieve your workout goals. You can choose between the coasting skateboard or the trick skateboard based on your skateboard fitness and overall workout goals.

Skateboarding, therefore, helps you achieve a lot more than you can think. It teaches you precision and tolerance while also helping you lose weight and build muscles, which is a requisite for any meaningful workout plan. You can, therefore, achieve more than just flexibility and fun.Skateboarding also helps burn calories quicker as compared to other sports since it mainly looks out for the cardiovascular system. Also remember that just with any other workout routine out there, your consistency and input counts.

Can you lose weight by skateboarding?

Absolutely yes. You can lose weight and get the perfect body by skateboarding. Remember, we said that this type of exercise is rigorous in approach and calls for more than just pushing your skateboard. With a level of consistency, losing weight with your skateboard is eminent. By just pushing your skateboard around, you are assured of shedding some calories, which double up for aggressive skating. The total net weight you lose also depends on factors such as your body weight, your age, your skill level and the intensity of training you put into it.

In case you are a heavy skater who wants to lose some weight on your skateboard, you need to be more careful. This is because people who weigh more usually are prone to injuries as they skate around, which you may want to avoid.Indeed, skateboarding may not be as rewarding as hitting the gym or heavy cycling when it comes to weight loss, but it sure has its perks. Losing weight and gaining muscles are concurrent, unlike other means of weight loss such as dieting.

If you want to lose weight quickly, skateboarding may not be the perfect exercise for you. All hope is not lost, though. You can spice up this exercise by other workout routines such as jogging or hitting the gym if you want to see some super-fast results.However, if you want a considerable process, which is not too fast or slow, then this is the perfect means of losing weight. Just do not forget that patience and training are key. I would, however, advise that you try other exercises alongside it if you are in a position to.

Is skateboarding better than running?

This is a challenging discussion that differs from person to person. These two are both sufficient work out means with their perks and disadvantages. To establish whether skateboarding is better than running or not, let us have a look at the relative advantages and shortcomings of both.The truth is, skateboarding is not generally as demanding as running, especially if there are no stunts or tricks involved. This is because, in as much as you propel yourself, you also depend on the wheels of the board for movement.

Running is demanding because you do all the work on your own, and therefore, your movement depends on you, which is even more challenging on rising terrains. Running is consequently more physically demanding compared to this exercise.It is also a better way of losing calories, estimated at seven calories per minute, which is super high. It is, therefore, highly efficient and requires no skill set. Anybody can run, ranging from beginners to older men.

Not anybody can wake up and start skating, however. You need a skateboard, which calls for an expense and some basic skills to get you started. You might also need a trainer before you step out on your own for skateboarding.With some well-treaded shoes that fit well, you can begin your running and jogging career in a snap. Now, something that you need to know is that skateboarding does more than just a cardio workout to the body.

Skateboarding helps you develop balance and flexibility, which only a few sports such as cycling do. It is also highly enjoyable as opposed to running since you get to learn new stunts and tricks as you progress further.When it comes to burning calories, running is way better than skateboarding. However, if you are looking for other aspects such as flexibility, fun and less impact, skateboarding takes the day. Just be careful enough to avoid collisions and dangerous falls as you skate around.

Will skateboarding give you abs?

Abs are almost everybody’s fantasy. For those who have tried getting them, you can attest that the process is always not as rosy. Working out the belly is one of the most painful and engaging processes ever.Well, in case you are wondering whether you can gain abs on your skateboard, the answer is yes. You will, however, need to do more than just basic pushing of your skateboard. Abs require extra effort, even when working out.

To get abs, you are probably not going to rely on the skateboard alone. You need to spice it up either with other work out routines or a complete change of diet. What then will be the work of the skateboard if you have to incorporate other modifications and exercise?Skateboarding helps develop various muscles in the body, which we will look at later in this article. While onboard, you have to maintain balance, and this is where the abs come in.

To keep your spine aligned, your abs must work with your back and therefore, with constant practice, you are going to develop some pretty cut out abs.Muscle toning with skateboarding, however, requires pretty intense exercising and an improved skill set and therefore, if you want some super-fast results, there is a need to spice up your training a bit, both in terms of skills and intensity.

Calories burned during longboarding

Longboarding is a select type of skateboarding that was initially created to take advantage of the low tides since people couldn’t surf. It is a special exercise that helps keep you fit and is highly effective when it comes to weight loss. The thing is, you can lose a lot of calories while longboarding. The factors that determine the number of calories you lose remain constant, however. These are the intensity and the amount of time you spend while at it.

If you chose this as a means of shedding some calories, you are probably wondering how many calories you can lose when out there doing your thing. Keep in mind that your body weight will also be a contributing factor. For a person weighing 125 pounds, you will probably burn 300 calories in an hour of vigorous activity. If you are weighing 185 pounds, you will probably do away with around 450 calories in an hour of exercise.

This is not constant or absolute, however. The calories you get to burn depends on the intensity and the vigour you put into your longboarding. For an everyday skater, you probably lose over 3000 calories a week on your longboard, which is one pound or more pounds of body weight.

In case you would like to burn some more calories and lose weight faster, it is essential that you combine your snowboarding with a clearly thought out diet plan. It would be wise if you reduced your calories intake a little bit. This also applies if you want to tone your body.

Does skateboarding make your leg skinnier?

Since the pressure applied when moving a skateboard originates from the leg, you must be wondering if skateboarding makes the legs skinnier or not. The truth is people who like to skateboard always have slim and lean legs.Why is this so? Skateboarding tones down different muscles in the body, including those found on your legs. While on your skateboard, the primary activity that you always have to invest in is achieving a balance so that you do not topple over.

You will, therefore, have to balance your weight on your legs. This, together with the steering and movement that accompanies the sport tones and strengthens the leg muscles, which leaves you with lean legs.If you find that your legs are too lean for your liking as a result of snowboarding, you can resort to exercises such as squats and jumps, which are highly effective when it comes to building the leg muscles. However, if you want to tone your legs, skateboarding is just the perfect exercise for you.

Does skateboarding build calves?

Yes. Skateboarding can help you build your calves. Calves, which are muscles of the lower legs, are some of the most stubborn muscles to develop in the body and can, therefore, be forgotten even in regular work out routines. Building them, therefore, requires more than just luck and wit. However, with intense skateboarding, this is easily achievable.

Popularly known as gastrocnemius muscles, the calves are necessary for the extension of your legs to the knee. What then is the relationship between these particular muscles and your skateboarding experience?When skateboarding, you will rely on your calves to flex your ankles, which in return, points your toes downwards. This process is known as plantar flexion, and it allows you to evenly shift your weight to the frontal part of your body.

With this move, you will be able to manipulate the direction of your skateboard. With repeated skateboarding, therefore, you need to manipulate your course as much as possible, which will, in return, rely a lot more on your calves.So yes. Skateboarding will help you build your calves.

What does skateboarding do to your body?

After all this discussion, you might be wondering what precisely are some of the benefits or results that your body derives from skateboarding. Here therefore are some of them:

i)Muscle building

We all want to build some muscles. Skateboarding helps build muscles since it is a work out activity. As you move around in your skateboard, you will need to perform several tricks that utilize different body muscles. Some of the muscles that this exercise builds are the core muscles on the upper part of the body, the quadriceps, the leg area, the calves, the lower legs and even the hamstrings.

In case you are deeply rooted into it, you will not need a gym since you will probably have everything you need at your disposal.

ii)Weight loss

Skateboarding is an efficient way of losing weight for those who would like to get back to shape or are grappling with several weight issues. It is engaging and requires physical activity since you have to move around and balance your body weight. You lose weight by burning calories. Even though this process cannot be compared to running when it comes to the number of calories lost in an hour of exercise, it is still pretty efficient. You can, therefore, easily get rid of 300-500 calories per hour, which equals 3500 calories in a week.

It is, therefore, a good exercise routine if you would like to lose some weight. Just have in mind that you ought to be more consistent and a bit vigorous in your exercise.


Skateboarding improves your coordination. This is because to pull off a stunt or remain on your skateboard; you need to make use of both your eyes, feet, legs and even arms. This is because it requires a lot of balancing and weight shifting, which cannot be achieved by only one part of the body.

The more you skate, therefore, the more your coordination will improve. This is a skill that you need even in your day to day life. With perfect coordination, a person can efficiently multitask, which is an important skill, especially in our day to day life.

iv)Relieves stress

You are probably busy the whole day, and when you come back home, you probably need a break from the ordinary world, which is where skateboarding comes in. This exercise is an effective stress reliever that you ought to try out.Stress is best relieved with a heightened physical activity, which is what skateboarding does. It will, therefore, help you take your mind off your busy schedule. You will also get to think clearly and objectively about different things, which is critical for problem-solving.

With skateboarding, I can assure you that you will gain perfect control of your life, which is vital.

v)Stronger immune system

Exercising is one of the ways that you can boost your immune system. Skateboarding is a form of exercise, and the more you engage in it, the more you will keep specific health issues at bay. You will, therefore, minimize the risk of having problems such as diabetes, obesity and even high blood pressure, all of which are quite challenging to treat.

Heart diseases are also common in people who do not work out. Skateboarding will, therefore, prevent you from leading a sedentary life, which is a conventional means of gaining too much weight. You can thus control your cholesterol levels, which is critical in the prevention of certain heart diseases.

vi)Teaches physical endurance

Skateboarding teaches your body to endure pain and intense physical activities. This is because, with skateboarding, you do not skate for a few minutes and leave. It is usually a continuous and long activity, some even relying on their skateboards to move from place to place.

With repeated exercise, your body will get used to pain accruing from stretching your muscles, which in return shoots your physical endurance up.


In case you want a reason to start losing some weight while on your skateboard, this is it! Skateboarding is highly efficient. Get yourself a skateboard and start now.

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