You Too Can Ride Like a Pro on Electric Longboards

Look around you, the electric longboards have taken the world by storm. Your campus ride or an everyday route to work is sure to become more fun once you hop on these amazing battery-charged longboards.

Just like with any board, it will take some time to practice the moves, but once you get a hold of it, you will never want to run errands without it. Practicing balance might be challenging if you are a beginner, however, the experience is quite unique and amusing.

Depending on your preferences and needs, you will find thousands of models on the market, ranging from the newest technology-made turbo speed electronic longboards to standard budget-friendly versions of your regular skateboard. Here are some tips and tricks on how to find, chose and pick the best one for yourself.

How fast do electric longboards go?

The fastest electronic longboard was made to move at the stunning speed of 100 km/h! If that is not impressive enough, you should know that the manufacturers actually tested the speed thus entering the Guinness World Record! Although the chances are that you will never want to reach this speed on your regular commute day, it is good to know what does the future bring. Apart from the good speed, you will also want to look at comfort and stability.

Most of the users like to ride at the speed of 25 mph, making the ride both fast and cozy. Some of the best brands use the anti-lock brake system that allows you to maneuver the board while pressing the brake pedal. Also, the longboard should be durable, so you can use it on the road and also venture out on rough terrains.

The speed will be greatly influenced by the weight, as well as the battery, motor power, wheel size, and the terrain. It is possible to ride smoothly for hours, bearing in mind that the faster you go, the more pressure you exert on the battery and its lifespan. As the battery power starts to decrease, so does the speed. It is advisable to buy a skateboard with high-quality engines that have the same power as the battery. That is when you will be able to use the full power of the board, reaching its advertised speed on the market.

What is the best electric longboard?

When talking about the number one electronic skateboard on the market, Boosted Dual Plus always comes to mind. Unlike most of the boards that take up to five hours to recharge, Boosted Dual + needs less than two hours before it’s ready to go! With its 2000W motor power and the first-of-its-kind 25% incline speed, no wonder it ranges amongst the best boards in the world.

What skaters really like about this model, is the enhanced design that allows the beginners, as well as the professionals, to ride on all terrains smoothly. It doesn’t go faster than 22 km/h, but its long durability and modern features make it super popular amongst the skaters all around the world. It is also super light, in comparison to other boards that might have better features, but don’t range that good when it comes to the overall impression.

Despite its lightness, the surface is broad enough for anyone who likes adventurous rides, maneuvering in the streets. Trendy night features will enable you to monitor the battery life span, using the remote control to activate the Bluetooth. It operates on four modes, making it extra fun for the users who like diverse riding styles. Also, it is important to mention the bamboo deck that not only promotes sweatless rides but also improves the grip and muscles’ flexibility that will enhance your skills on the board.

What is the fastest electronic longboard?

It is important to mention that the speed of 110 km/h is not to be taken lightly. The NGV Nextboard, therefore, comes equipped with four-wheel motors and an additional battery, which dictates the acceleration of the board. Although the usual speed ranges from 20 to 40 km/h, the additional acceleration is gained through the second motor activation. Depending on other factors, such as the terrain and rider’s weight, this longboard takes seconds to double up the speed.

Although it is safe to ride it in the rain, it does not come with a certification, which means the rider is responsible to match the speed with the conditions outside. Considering the high speed of the NGV Nextboard, the manufacturers made sure to produce easily replaceable wheels, without having to unmount the motors.

This feature is particularly useful for the advanced riders who enjoy all the features of the world’s fastest electronic longboard. With the power output of 8kW, portable weight and the most advanced software, the NGV Nextboard is perfect for both smooth and rough terrain rides. The top speed can be activated in a matter of seconds, with the advanced options of controlled acceleration. This longboard is probably one of the few that can be fairly compared with the highest speed you reach on a regular skateboard.

How much does an electric longboard cost?

There are many factors you should take into consideration when buying an electric longboard. The prices range from $400 to $2000, depending on the brand and model you chose. If you are looking into a standard model that can provide you with basic comfort, good engine power, and fair mileage, then you could pay under $500.

However, if you are a pro who wants to test out some of the best man-made longboards, then you can expect to pay more than $2000. Some of them are famous for their durability, which should be one of the main features to look at when buying the board. If you find a high-quality electronic longboard, the chances are you will save more money in the long run.

Considering the vast variety of the increasingly popular skateboards on the market, it is possible to purchase a good-quality board from an estimated brand. Yuneec E-GO2, KooWheel D3M, and BLITZART Huracane are among the top 3 longboards well known for their decent load capacity, likable design and powerful motors that can reach a good speed of more of 20 km/h.

Most of them are equipped with hub motors, durable wheels, and a good battery lifespan. Bear in mind that the power of the motor, as the most important feature, will determine the final price. However, make sure you are not racing at full speed, as that is sure to jeopardize the optional functionality, thus decreasing the overall power of any longboard.

Can electronic longboards go uphill?

This is where the electronic longboards’ energy come to full potential. Riding uphill doesn’t have to be a dreadful experience anymore, but a rather adventurous ride. These skateboards can pick up speed quickly, taking you on a smooth ride even on the steepest of inclines. Depending on the features, such as the motor, battery, and gradient percentage, you can choose between some of the most advances models out on the market. For example, Evolve GTR, Meepo V3, and Exway X1 Pro have an inclined gradient of 30%, making it smooth and easy to climb uphill.

Other models, such as Acton Blink S2 or Starkboard might not be as powerful when it comes to propelling forward and up. Before choosing the perfect electronic longboard, check the specifications that will tell you more about some of the most important features. If you opt for a budget-friendly skateboard, don’t expect more than a 5% incline option, which might not be that different from a regular longboard.

The battery and electric motor are sure to enhance the overall power of the board, however, the rider’s weight and the terrain should always be taken into consideration. Apart from the outside conditions, power, speed, and torque must be perfectly aligned in order to gain the speed and push you uphill in a smooth and safe manner. That is when skateboards with top-notch engines and strong batteries come into play. It is not necessary to aim for a 500w motor power, as 150-350w will be just enough to get you moving upwards.

Although electronic longboards are custom-made for users who want to use some of the best features that the skateboard manufacturers present, it is essential to emphasize that safety always comes first. The average speed of up to 30 km/h is perfectly fine for a smooth and comfortable experience in the traffic. For those who prefer more adventurous rides, it is always recommended to ride with extra caution.

Some of the best longboards, such as Boosted Dual + prefer to emphasize the overall performance and durability of the product, rather than the ultimate speed. Apart from enhanced safety features, longboards also come with a variety of fun options that are sure to turn every ride into an enjoyable experience. Less experienced riders can always opt for cheaper skateboards, whilst professionals are advised to purchase more advanced versions, which offer a unique experience of uphill driving, supported by dynamic engines, potent torque, and optimal speed.

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